A neighborhood restaurant dishes up a version of this salad that has had me craving more this spring. Its light and delicious yet filling, and I knew I had to figure out how to make it at home. The best part? It only takes 5 minutes to put together, and you probably have all but a few ingredients in your fridge/pantry right now!




- 2 Cups of Baby Arugula or Spring Mix per person

- 1/2 Avocado per person

- 1/4 Cup shaved fennel per person

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Sherry Vinegar

- Lemon

- Salt

- Parmesan Cheese


- Shave or thinly slice the fennel and then cut shavings into 2-3 long inch pieces

- Dice the avocado

- In a large bowl mix the salad, fennel and avocado

- Drizzle equal amounts of the olive oil and sherry vinegar over the salad until lightly coated

- Add lemon and salt to taste

- Garnish with parmesan cheese

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!



… ok, so I actually like love decorating, but just when I think I’ve got one project almost there, 4 more seem to materialize [or do I just dream them up?]. Either way, in all of the painting, repainting, rearranging and finishing I’ve been doing around here a true semblance of the design of this house has come together [closet coming next week – I’m keepin’ on!]. While some of the initial choices I made were a little more monotone and glam, I’ve gone a little more California Cool and it really, truly feels like home. That said, I need to make some minor adjustments here and there to lighten things up and breathe some life into certain corners, like the guest room.

This board is the direction I will probably go because it’s the easiest transition. Just a few pillows, pieces of art and voila!

guest room 1

bed // side table // tassel pillow // cheetah pillow // ikat pillow // gray chair // artwork // turkish towel // sconce // basket // rug

but I really REALLY love this little aqua chair and how light everything would feel:

guest room 2

bed // side table // teal pillows // dhurrie pillow // aqua chair // artwork // turkish towel // sconce // basket // rug

So, there you have it. Going from cozy to light and welcoming. But the real question is, do I splurge on the chair?


nyc weekend outfits

holy chic t-shirt: Old Navy // gray sweater: H&M [on sale!] // oxford button up: Old Navy

jeans: GAP // black pixie pants: J.Crew // white jeans: Old Navy

new balance sneakers: Urban Outfitters // camel boots: Chinese Laundry

camel cross body: GiGi New York // red beanie: AliExpress // tote bag: Old Navy

camel coat: Sheinside // plaid oversized scarf: Sheinside

Do you plan your outfits for trips? I try to plan my outfits ahead of a trip and put some effort into putting together outfits that are seasonally and culturally on point. On my recent trip to NYC, I was worried I might get there and feel like I was something because winter weather can be unpredictable – but I didn’t feel like I had missed a beat with my outfit plans on this trip and the packing was surprisingly light. Even my family commented on the fact that I only brought two pairs of shoes, but I promise, they were everything I really needed [did I mention I’m obsessed with those New Balance 420’s?]

If you’re planning a weekend getaway to a cold clime, heres just what you need to get you through the weekend comfortably and in style!


Before the NYFW madness descended on NYC, I hopped a plane and visited my little brother for a super relaxing “no plans, just fun” weekend. Ok, maybe we had 1 or two plans but we spent four days roaming the city, eating good food, going to museums and doing a little shopping in whatever stores caught our eye. It was a seriously good time and proof that more of these unplanned trips need to happen in the near future!




nyc3 nyc2 nyc4

My Favorite things we did included

1: Starting the trip at the blow-dry bar made for maintenance free hair all weekend long!

2. Visiting the ice skating rink in Central Park

3. Locanda Verde in TriBeCa. SO delicious!

4. The Chelsea Market. We went 2 or 3 times, I couldn’t get enough of the local food shops like Spices and Tease [I can’t get enough of their iced lavender earl gray lightly sweetened], unique giftwares  and local artisan stands like Brooklyn Charm. My brother thought the Rag & Bone sample sale was pretty great, too.

5: The High Line. A stunning raised park that spans a many, many blocks and has breathtaking views of the water, city and more.

6: Tipsy Parson. We ate lunch at this quaint spot and the Avocado sandwich was everything and more. SO yummy!

7: We had brunch with these boss-ladies at Paradou and their charming courtyard seems like the perfect spot for a summer brunch.

8: A Speakeasy style bar. We spent a fun night here with friends. See it to believe it!

See more on Instagram!


valentines day gift guide for him

I love it when I feel like I’ve gotten Marc a really great gift! Maybe its because it seems like there aren’t nearly the amount of fun gifts out there for men as there are for women. This Valentines Day however, there are a few sure to be successes. [Like the oh-so-AMAZING Aesop after shave lotion he never knew how he was living without]


valentines day gift guide for her



Valentine’s Day is only 10 short days away! With so many sweet little gifts out there, what’s at the top of your list? Here are a few things are on mine…

Already have your list covered but need a few things for your man? Tomorrow’s gift guide is all for him!


vbrd 4




When work life, personal life and family life [and their needs] all converge at the very same moment in life, I crave quiet seconds times when I can spend two minutes mindlessly escaping into something beautiful and inspiring. When these moments did find me – I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Barrett Pendergast’s blog, Valleybrink Road.

Barrett’s beyond talented- her organic and so very pretty tablescapes are what initially drew me in [who makes a lobster bake look like that!?] but her culinary creations are what keep me returning for meal-time inspiration. Her food is my kind of soul-food. Mediterranean inspired. Clean. Delicious.

I’ve made this hearty vegetable soup just short of a million times and still can’t get enough.

This would make the perfect winter weeknight dinner.

And, I want everything on this menu right.now.

If you haven’t already visited Valleybrink Road, head over there and fill up your recipe book.


closet reno 4 closet reno 2 closet reno 1 closet reno 3

2015 is going to be the year to get things done at my house. I feel the same about basically every room in my house except for the dining room – it just needs to details added and small projects to make it really feel finished. It never should have taken this long, but I’m almost finished putting a coat [or two or three] over every surface in this house and that really had to happen first.

Up first is our closet – we turned this 10×10 bedroom into my little dream closet. We recently had a new window installed and its time to get going on the rest of the “details”. These photos somehow make the closet feel a little messy – and I promise it doesn’t really feel like that IRL.

The rest of the house is all very light – gray and white. I wanted to do something richer in this room so I chose the dark wardrobes and I plan to repurpose some Budget Blinds luxe silk violet draperies I have from my previous apartment and add a lovely chandelier.

Over the next few weeks I plan to finish it up and will be sharing the process here!


holiday detox

1. Lemon Water – Ever since I learned that you can get the same detoxifying benefits of fresh lemon by adding lemon essential oil to my water – its been so much easier to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day. I put the oil in my purse and add a drop or two to my glass or water bottle.

2. Stretching awakens your muscles and gets any lingering toxins moving into your blood stream so that they can be filtered out of your blood. Not only is this important for ultimate detox, but your body just feels better when its not tight! These easy morning yoga poses look like they would take less than 5 minutes.

3. Instead of Meats, Dairy and Sugars [all of which I cut out for 3 days to a week] Add in superfoods that aid in the detox process. Dark leafy greens are excellent [get this through the kale in my green smoothie!], Fruits and lots of vegetables. Lately I’ve been hooked on adding a little butternut squash to recipes.

4. Replace traditional grains like bread, pasta and rice with Quinoa which is fiber and vitamin rich! When I’m detoxing I love making a chicken noodle soup with an extra amount of the veggies, no chicken, quinoa instead of noodles and a squeeze of lemon! Its delicious and filling while still light.

5. A green smoothie is a great way to get lots of nutrients from superfoods in one go. I posted my go-to green smoothie here, but this recipe looks delicious too!

6. The Holidays can be a stressful time with not much time for rest. Help you body to regenerate itself by going to bed earlier and taking some time away from your favorite devices.

7. Vitamins. A lot of people feel mixed about whether they work and how to get them. As someone who lives in a place that doesn’t see the sun enough in the winter, I can attest to the amazing powers of the right supplements. I will say in my research and experience, I’ve learned the importance of bioavailability and responsible, organic sourcing. To feel my best, I love Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-3, NOW Vitamin D-3, NOW Magnesium, and the Whole Foods Food-Based 1-A-Day.

* I am not a healthcare provider. Please consult your physician when making a change to your healthcare routine.


new years quote

I don’t make New Years resolutions. Or goals. Or even long-term “to-do” type lists. It’s not because I think that I will break my resolutions or give up on my goals – its just that I’ve learned its more fulfilling to choose to live intentionally.

Coincidentally Intention was my word for 2014 [and truth be told 2013 too – I just didn’t feel finished with it!] I wanted to be more intentional about my friendships [who was I giving my time to, and who was influencing me?], more intentional about showing my family true and unconditional love, more intentional about my time [what am I doing with it and is it serving me or someone else positively?], generally just more intentional about living my life in a truer way.

It was centering. Grounding. Humbling. A way to remind myself at every fork in the road that it was up to me and me only to create the life I want to live everyday. Longtime friendships ended only to be replaced by some newer, deeper ones and that was ok. I spent more time showing people I love how deeply I care and it made life so much richer in those moments. I dove headfirst into the place where I donate my time and it’s filled my heart in a way I hadn’t imagined.

Intention – its been real. But, in 2015 I’m moving on.


It’s time to get passionate about my career, about the things that interest me, about the lifestyle and activities I enjoy. I can’t wait to visit these areas of my life with a renewed focus and excitement. Possibly even to venture down some roads I don’t know exist yet.

Do you make resolutions or goals? How successful have you been at keeping them?

If you want to try something different – choose a word to live by this year and see what a difference it can make. There are some good choices above, but maybe you already have one in mind!

Happy New Years Eve, everyone! Cheers to an exciting and hopeful 2015!

p.s. If you choose a word, I’d love to hear about it!



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