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I absolutely love decorating for the holidays and the cozy feel it makes in ones home when you’re relaxing on the sofa at night and surrounded by twinkling lights. That said, I still enjoy having a semblance of what is normally my home. This year I went with a “clean and green” theme. I pulled out all of my silver and white decorations and added in more greenery here and there.

Luckily I have some nice pine bushes around my house, but if you don’t and want to add some – you can pick up some clippings at the Home Depot tree table for free!

I hope you are all enjoying this joyous and festive time of year! Post a link to your holiday decorations in the comments – it would be so fun to see!


Six or so months ago when I decided to cut my hair just below my shoulders was definitely one of my less brainy ideas. It had gotten so long and thick that I was just ready for a change. Why!! Why!! [by now, about 6 inches have slowly grown back] I’ve got some serious hair envy over Amber Fillerup Clark’s gorgeous long hair and the amazing messy braids she styles [girlfriend can braid!]

So, when you tire of getting your curing iron out and your hair has had enough of holiday styling - try out one of these super gorgeous looks…

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8 tips for a stress free holiday


Last week I hosted [and attended] the first events on my holiday calendar. With a jam packed schedule well into January I knew I wasn’t going to have the time I wanted to prepare myself and my home so I dedicated the first weekend in December to knocking out my to-do list. These 8 easy steps have helped keep me organized [and sane!] and will hopefully help you too!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand cleaning and then putting things away in a messy closet/cabinet – here are a few helpful tricks for staying clean and organized behind the scenes, too:

This is how I fold my towels, and they stack perfectly!

This tutorial for organizing all your sheets into a pillowcase is awesome.

Make your to-do list more fun to write with this template.

Finally: A fun to-do list to make the holidays a little more festive




Tassels are having a major moment. They’re fun, a little kitschy and I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  When I saw them on the draperies of this project by Bailey McCarthy, I knew I had to figure out how to have more tasseling going on [would those Serena and Lily curtains not make any room more exciting?!]…


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Skirt:H&M // Sweater: Last Season, Similar Below // Shoes: Old Navy

When midi-skirts started making their way into stores last spring, I really wasn’t sure about them. I kept eyeing this one with the most subtle and pretty gold threading and finally tried it on. I loved that the style is instantly feminine and lady-like. Paired with a cashmere sweater it makes for the perfect soft and sweet wintery combination.



One of my favorite things to do in my downtime is read up on natural wellness and clean eating. I can’t say I am always the perfect embodiment of many of these ideals – but I try, and I love that starting the day with a smoothie made with superfoods is an easy way to get the nutrients I need to help sustain me throughout the day…

390B3423 390B3471 390B3513 390B3596 390B3580It takes me less than 5 minutes to make this smoothie and clean my blender afterward.

Jumpstart Smoothie [serves One]

* I find all of these ingredients at Trader Joe’s

- 2 Handfuls of washed and cut Kale

- 1 cup of frozen organic mixed Tropical Fruit

- 1/4 to 1/2 cup of frozen organic Blueberries

- 1 cup of unsweetened Almond Milk

I don’t like it to be extra sweet, but if you prefer it a little sweeter, add a tablespoon or two of local honey.

First I add the Kale, then the Fruit followed by the cup of milk. I start the blender on a lower setting and turn it up as the Kale begins to blend. Serve right away!

I LOVE this book of smoothie recipes if your looking for more ideas.

Why do I blend instead of Juice?

Juicing removes all of the fiber [or pulp] from the fruits and vegetables that you are making your drink from. Fiber is great for your digestion and and helps to more sustainably absorb vitamins and nutrients into your body. Juicing can remove up to 70% of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that you are most likely hoping to be benefitting from by blending/juicing.

I will say that in my research, I’ve found that juicing makes the vitamins and minerals that are retained in the juice more quickly available to your body. So if you are looking to enjoy your drink and work out immediately following, this might be a good option for you.

In the morning, I am hoping for a drink that can sustain me throughout the day and make me feel healthy. For this reason, I prefer blending.





A close friend of mine recently purchased a home and enlisted my help in getting it decorated. He needs to get the living room and bedroom decorated quickly and wants to use a mix of large item investment pieces with smaller item affordable options. After talking about styles he really likes and touches that matter to him [like pieces from his grandfather’s farm and some unique vintage finds] I came up with a “warm industrial” design for his bachelor man-pad.

The house is adorable and I can’t wait to show you what we come up with over the next few weeks!


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Earrings: Old Navy [available in store, similar here] // Blouse: Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy // Heels: Old Navy // Handbag: Michael Kors // Coat: Michael Kors [last season, similar styles below] // Sunglasses [similar here]

Cerulean blue is one of my favorite colors and when I saw it running through this fun plaid shirt, I knew it was the perfect thing to wear to run errands, lunch dates and casual events this season. Luckily these Old Navy pixie pant’s and gumdrop earrings matched perfectly!


02-christmas-staycation-living-room-1214-lgn-17825477 03-christmas-staycation-kitchen-1214-xlnm 04-christmas-staycation-dining-room-1214-xln 07-christmas-staycation-kids-rooms-1214-xln 09-christmas-staycation-patio-1214-xln 10-christmas-staycation-tree-1214-xln

Recently a Country Living magazine came in the mail and as I paged through it, to my delight, I fell in love with nearly every page. This gorgeous family home in the country decorated for Christmas felt so magical. I can only imagine how the children growing up here feel during the holidays. It’s warm and cozy and full of thoughtful seasonal touches…

click here for the full article


xmas white


Receiving Holiday Cards is one of my favorite things about the season. I love to see the photos and read the notes about people’s adventures, growing children and life at-a-glance during the past year.

While on vacation earlier this fall, a fun photo was taken of us and I knew it was “the one”. I also knew if I didn’t set it aside then and there it might get lost in the mounting photo collection we seemed to be amassing. I jumped onto Minted and got to work.

They have so many incredible designs [even gold foil!] and I was super impressed by how quickly my digital proof came through and they seemed to ship to me even quicker.

While it only makes sense to choose one design every year, I bookmarked a few that I loved to share here:holiday cards


happy holidays card // oh so merry card // [my card] lets be jolly card

// warm wishes card // noel card

p.s. the hand lettering on my envelopes is fake! try creating your own easy calligraphy using this tutorial!

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